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Social design is a versatile and comprehensive field of work. At MTS, you get competencies and capacities from various disciplines from one source. These are, for example : urban design, system design, design thinking, architecture and many other creative disciplines. Various participation formats for the engagement of all stakeholders are just as effective. In addition, we provide processes from innovation management, the incubation and acceleration of business ideas, and project development from idea-conception to market entry. The MTS team is constantly inspired and promises to always bring the latest formats, tools and processes from all creative and social disciplines into effect for your projects.


As flexible as MTS is with its competencies and formats, a social design process is always structured clearly and transparently for you, based on your needs. It is constantly monitored in the process and adjusted if necessary in order to solve problems particularly and effectively.




Do you need a new inspiration, a creative idea from outside? With our social design inspirations, we help you to quickly process or analyze a very specific challenge. Often this is enough to initiate and implement effective changes.



Have you reached a dead end with a project? You have already tried a lot, but you are not getting anywhere with the traditional methods? A social design intervention solves such complicated situations. If not only new inspirations, but a comprehensive change are required, we will work intensively with you for several weeks or months.


Are you facing extensive and complex problems? Do you want or need to dare and develop a major innovation? Our social design transformation is perfect for your complex projects or for taking the leap into new dimensions. In addition to a very deep and broad analysis of the task, you will receive an in-depth systemic processing and consequently a complete, comprehensive and sustainable solution.



The creative power, the joy of innovation, and the creative and flexible way designers, architects and artists work not only create beautiful and inspiring things, but also social, economic and ecological solutions to the most pressing problems of our time. We believe that it will in fact be the creative minds at the center of 21st century solutions. Therefore, with us, you will find a team of designers with the mission to work for a better world.


There are many who claim they have an easy and quick fix. Those who want to explain and change the world in three minutes. We believe that we are only just beginning to understand the complexity and diversity of how everything is interrelated. This is why holistic solutions need a comprehensive approach that embraces complexity. Our goal is always on a  systemic level, and therefore has a comprehensive effect.

Social design is always based on the participation of all actors. Across disciplines, hierarchies, and cultures, all people who are part of the situation are involved in a social design process. Especially the people who are often forgotten: those affected and marginalized. The truly comprehensive and complete solutions that we all need can only come about if everyone works together. We call this: co-creation.


Social design processes are always inspiring - helping people and organizations to develop new attitudes and ideas. Such a process is incredibly engaging and very enriching. In the end, for us the only thing that counts is whether our work is actually demonstrably effective. We want to change things in a real and tangible way, and not merely produce nice presentations and beautiful pictures. That is why we continuously and transparently measure how effective we are in the process. Thus, our guideline is our own efficiency and effectiveness.

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